Luke 11:51

From the blood of Abel to the blood of Zachariah (apo aimato Abel ew aimato Zacariou). The blood of Abel is the first shed in the Old Testament ( Genesis 4:10 ), that of Zacharias the last in the O.T. canon which ended with Chronicles ( 2 Chronicles 24:22 ). Chronologically the murder of Uriah by Jehoiakim was later ( Jeremiah 26:23 ), but this climax is from Genesis to II Chronicles (the last book in the canon). See on "Mt 23:35" for discussion of Zachariah as "the son of Barachiah" rather than "the son of Jehoiada." Between the altar and the sanctuary (metaxu tou qusiasthriou kai tou oikou). Literally, between the altar and the house ( Matthew 23:35 has temple, naou).