Luke 12:18

I will pull down (kaqelw). Future active of kaqairew, an old verb, the usual future being kaqairhsw. This second form from the second aorist kaqeilon (from obsolete elw) like apelei in Revelation 22:19 . My barns (mou ta apoqhka). From apotiqhmi, to lay by, to treasure. So a granary or storehouse, an old word, six times in the N.T. ( Matthew 3:12 ; Matthew 6:26 ; Matthew 13:30 ; Luke 3:17 ; Luke 12:18 Luke 12:24 ). All my corn (panta ton siton). Better grain (wheat, barley), not maize or Indian corn. My goods (ta agaqa mou). Like the English, my good things. So the English speak of goods (freight) train.