Luke 2:46

After three days (meta hmera trei). One day out, one day back, and on the third day finding him. In the temple (en twi ierwi). Probably on the terrace where members of the Sanhedrin gave public instruction on sabbaths and feast-days, so probably while the feast was still going on. The rabbis probably sat on benches in a circle. The listeners on the ground, among whom was Jesus the boy in a rapture of interest. Both hearing them and asking them questions (kai akouonta autwn kai eperwtwnta autou). Paul sat at the feet of Gamaliel ( Acts 22:3 ). Picture this eager boy alive with interest. It was his one opportunity in a theological school outside of the synagogue to hear the great rabbis expound the problems of life. This was the most unusual of all children, to be sure, in intellectual grasp and power. But it is a mistake to think that children of twelve do not think profoundly concerning the issues of life. What father or mother has ever been able to answer a child's questions?