Luke 21:32

This generation (h genea auth). Naturally people then living. Shall not pass away (ou mh parelqh). Second aorist active subjunctive of parercomai. Strongest possible negative with ou mh. Till all things be accomplished (ew an panta genhtai). Second aorist middle subjunctive of ginomai with ew, common idiom. The words give a great deal of trouble to critics. Some apply them to the whole discourse including the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem, the second coming and the end of the world. Some of these argue that Jesus was simply mistaken in his eschatology, some that he has not been properly reported in the Gospels. Others apply them only to the destruction of Jerusalem which did take place in A.D. 70 before that generation passed away. It must be said for this view that it is not easy in this great eschatological discourse to tell clearly when Jesus is discussing the destruction of Jerusalem and when the second coming. Plummer offers this solution: "The reference, therefore, is to the destruction of Jerusalem regarded as the type of the end of the world."