Luke 4:3

The Son of God (uio tou qeou). No article as in Matthew 4:3 . So refers to the relationship as Son of God rather than to the office of Messiah. Manifest reference to the words of the Father in Luke 3:22 . Condition of the first class as in Matthew. The devil assumes that Jesus is Son of God. This stone (twi liqwi toutwi). Perhaps pointing to a particular round stone that looked in shape and size like a loaf of bread. Stanley (Sinai and Palestine, p. 154) on Mt. Carmel found crystallizations of stones called "Elijah's melons." The hunger of Jesus opened the way for the diabolic suggestion designed to inspire doubt in Jesus toward his Father. Matthew has "these stones." Bread (arto). Better "loaf." For discussion of this first temptation see on "Mt 4:3". Jesus felt the force of each of the temptations without yielding at all to the sin involved. See discussion on Matthew also for reality of the devil and the objective and subjective elements in the temptations. Jesus quotes Deuteronomy 8:3 in reply to the devil.