Luke 9:49

And John answered (apokriqei de Iwanh). As if John wanted to change the subject after the embarrassment of the rebuke for their dispute concerning greatness ( Luke 9:46-48 ). Master (epistata). Only in Luke in the N.T. as already four times ( Luke 5:5 ; Luke 8:24 Luke 8:45 ; Luke 9:33 ). We forbade him (ekwluomen auton). Conative imperfect as in Mark 9:38 , We tried to hinder him. Because he followeth not with us (oti ouk akolouqei meq hmwn). Present tense preserved for vividness where Mark has imperfect kolouthei. Note also here "with us" (meq hmwn) where Mark has associative instrumental hmin. It is a pitiful specimen of partisan narrowness and pride even in the Beloved Disciple, one of the Sons of Thunder. The man was doing the Master's work in the Master's name and with the Master's power, but did not run with the group of the Twelve.