Matthew 11:7

As these went their way (toutwn poreuomenwn). Present participle genitive absolute. The eulogy of Jesus was spoken as the two disciples of John were going away. Is it a matter of regret that they did not hear this wondrous praise of John that they might cheer him with it? "It may almost be called the funeral oration of the Baptist, for not long afterwards Herodias compassed his death" (Plummer). A reed shaken by the wind (kalamon upo anemou saleuomenon). Latin calamus. Used of the reeds that grew in plenty in the Jordan Valley where John preached, of a staff made of a reed ( Matthew 27:29 ), as a measuring rod ( Revelation 11:1 ), of a writer's pen ( 3 John 1:13 ). The reeds by the Jordan bent with the wind, but not so John.