Matthew 16:26

Gain (kerdhsh) and profit (zhmiwqh). Both aorist subjunctives (one active, the other passive) and so punctiliar action, condition of third class, undetermined, but with prospect of determination. Just a supposed case. The verb for "forfeit" occurs in the sense of being fined or mulcted of money. So the papyri and inscriptions. Exchange (antallagma). As an exchange, accusative in apposition with ti. The soul has no market price, though the devil thinks so. "A man must give, surrender, his life, and nothing less to God; no antallagma is possible" (McNeile). This word antallagma occurs twice in the Wisdom of Sirach: "There is no exchange for a faithful friend" (6:15); "There is no exchange for a well-instructed soul" (26:14).