Philippians 3:13

Not yet (oupw). But some MSS. read ou (not). To have apprehended (kateilhpenai). Perfect active infinitive of same verb katalambanw (perfective use of kata, to grasp completely). Surely denial enough. But one thing (en de). No verb in the Greek. We can supply poiw (I do) or diwkw (I keep on in the chase), but no verb is really needed. "When all is said, the greatest art is to limit and isolate oneself" (Goethe), concentration. Forgetting the things which are behind (ta men opisw epilanqanomeno). Common verb, usually with the genitive, but the accusative in the Koin is greatly revived with verbs. Paul can mean either his old pre-Christian life, his previous progress as a Christian, or both (all of it). Stretching forward (epekteinomeno). Present direct middle participle of the old double compound epekteinw (stretching myself out towards). Metaphor of a runner leaning forward as he runs.