Revelation 1:15

Burnished brass (calkolibanwi). Associative-instrumental case after omoioi. This word has so far been found nowhere else save here and Hebrews 2:18 . Suidas defines it as an hlecktron (amber) or a compound of copper and gold and silver (aurichalcum in the Latin Vulgate). It is in reality an unknown metal. As if it had been refined (w pepuromenh). Perfect passive participle of purow, old verb, to set on fire, to glow, as in Ephesians 6:16 ; Revelation 3:18 . The feminine gender shows that h calkolibano is referred to with th calkolibanou understood, for it does not agree in case with the associative-instrumental calkolibanwi just before. Some would call it a slip for pepuromenwi as Aleph, and some cursives have it (taking calkolibanwi to be neuter, not feminine). But P Q read pepurwmenoi (masculine plural), a correction, making it agree in number and gender with pode (feet). In a furnace (en kaminwi). Old word, in N.T. also Revelation 9:2 ; Matthew 13:42 Matthew 13:50 . As the voice of many waters (w pwnh udatwn pollwn). So the voice of God in the Hebrew (not the LXX) of Ezekiel 43:2 . Repeated in Revelation 14:2 ; Revelation 19:6 .