Revelation 12:2

And she was with child (kai en gastri ecousa). Perhaps estin to be supplied or the participle used as a finite verb as in Revelation 10:2 . This is the technical idiom for pregnancy as in Matthew 1:18 Matthew 1:23 , etc. Travailing in birth (wdinousa). Present active participle of wdinw, old verb (from wdin birth-pangs 1 Thessalonians 5:3 ), in N.T. only here and Galatians 4:27 . And in pain (kai basanizomenh). "And tormented" (present passive participle of basanizw, for which see already Galatians 9:5 ; Galatians 11:10 ), only here in N.T. in sense of childbirth. To be delivered (tekein). Second aorist active infinitive of tiktw, to give birth, epexegetical use. Also in verse Galatians 4 .