Revelation 16:18

And there were (kai egenonto). "And there came" (same verb ginomai). See Ezekiel 8:5 ; Ezekiel 11:19 for this list of terrible sounds and lightnings, and for the great earthquake (seismo mega) see Ezekiel 6:12 ; Ezekiel 11:13 (cf. Luke 21:11 ). Such as was not (oio ouk egeneto). Qualitative relative with ginomai again, "such as came not." Since there were men (ap ou anqrwpoi egenonto). "Since which time (cronou understood) men came." So great an earthquake, so mighty (thlikouto seismo outw mega). Quantitative correlative thlikouto rather than the qualitative toiouto, to correspond with oio (not oso). And then outw mega repeats (redundant) thlikouto. Cf. Mark 13:19 for oia--toiauth about like tribulation (qlipsi).