Revelation 17:17

Did put (edwken). "Did give" (first aorist active of didwmi. To do his mind (poihsai thn gnwmhn autou). Epexegetic first aorist active infinitive of poiew after edwken, as often in this book. They are of one mind (verse Micah 13 ) because God put them up to it, clear statement of God's over-ruling hand among the nations. Until the words of God should be accomplished (acri telesqhsontai oi logoi tou qeou). Temporal clause about the future with acri (like ew), with the future indicative of telew, but with aorist passive subjunctive telesqwsin in Micah 15:8 . For telew see also Micah 10:7 . For "the words of God" see Micah 19:9 . They will be fulfilled.