Revelation 2:16

Repent therefore (metanohson oun). First aorist (tense of urgency) active imperative of metanoew with the inferential particle oun (as a result of their sin). I come (ercomai). Futuristic present middle indicative, "I am coming" (imminent), as in Ephesians 2:5 with tacu as in Ephesians 3:11 ; Ephesians 11:14 ; Ephesians 22:7 Ephesians 22:12 Ephesians 22:20 . As with en tacei ( Ephesians 1:1 ), we do not know how soon "quickly" is meant to be understood. But it is a real threat. Against them (met autwn). This proposition with polemew rather than kata (against) is common in the LXX, but in the N.T. only in Revelation 2:16 ; Revelation 12:7 ; Revelation 13:4 ; Revelation 17:14 and the verb itself nowhere else in N.T. except James 4:2 . "An eternal roll of thunder from the throne" (Renan). "The glorified Christ is in this book a Warrior, who fights with the sharp sword of the word" (Swete). With (en). Instrumental use of en. For the language see James 1:16 ; James 2:12 ; James 19:15 .