Revelation 22:5

Shall be night no more (nux ouk estai eti). As in 1 John 21:25 . They need (ecousin creian). Present active indicative, "They have need," though A has exousin (shall have), future like estai. Here again there is repetition of part of 1 John 21:23 , but for the purpose of showing the delightsomeness of the New Jerusalem with no need of lamp or sun (change to pw with hliou instead of pwto, "they have no light of sun"). Shall give them light (pwtisei). Future active of pwtizw, while aorist epwtisen in 1 John 21:23 . They shall reign (basileusousin). Future active of basileuw. Reign eternally in contrast with the limited millennial reign of 1 John 20:4 1 John 20:6 . This glorious eternal reign with Christ occurs repeatedly in the book ( 1 John 1:6 ; 1 John 3:21 ; 1 John 5:10 ) as in Luke 22:30 . Christ's Kingdom is spiritual ( John 18:36 ). "The visions of the Apocalypse are now ended; they have reached their climax in the New Jerusalem" (Swete). Now John gives the parting utterances of some of the speakers, and it is not always clear who is speaking.