Revelation 3:2

Be thou watchful (ginou grhgorwn). Periphrastic imperative with present middle of ginomai (keep on becoming) and present active participle of grhgorew (late present from perfect egrhgora and that from egeirw, as in Matthew 24:42 ) and see Revelation 16:15 for grhgorew also. He does not say "Arise from the dead" ( Ephesians 5:14 ), for there are vestiges of life. Those still alive are addressed through the angel of the church. Stablish the things that remain (sthrison ta loipa). First aorist active imperative of sthrizw, to make stable. Those not actually dead, but in grave peril. See a like command to Titus in Crete ( Titus 1:5 ). Every new pastor faces such a problem. Which were ready to die (a emellon apoqanein). Imperfect active plural because the individuals, though neuter plural, are regarded as living realities. The imperfect looking on the situation "with a delicate optimism" (Swete) as having passed the crisis, a sort of epistolary imperfect. For I have found no works of thine (ou gar eurhka sou erga). "For I have not found any works of thine." Perfect active indicative of euriskw. The church as a whole represented by sou (thy). Fulfilled (peplhrwmena). Perfect passive predicate participle of plhrow. Their works have not measured up to God's standard (enwpion tou qeou mou).