Revelation 4:8

Each one of them (en kaq en autwn). "One by one of them," a vernacular idiom like ei kata ei in Mark 14:19 . Having (ecwn). Masculine participle again as in verse Revelation 4:7 , though zwon neuter. Six wings (ana pteruga ex). Distributive use of ana, "six wings apiece" as in Luke 10:1 (ana duo, by twos). Like Isaiah 6:2 , not like Ezekiel 1:6 , where only four wings are given apiece. Are full of (gemousin). Plural verb, though zwa neuter, to individualize each one. Round about and within (kukloqen kai eswqen). Perhaps before and behind ( Ezekiel 4:6 ) and under the wings, "pointing to the secret energies of nature" (Swete). Rest (anapausin). See also Ezekiel 14:11 . Old word (from anapauw, to relax), as in Matthew 11:29 . God and Christ cease not their activity ( John 5:17 ). "This ceaseless activity of nature under the hand of God is a ceaseless tribute of praise" (Swete). Day and night (hmera kai nukto). Genitive of time, by day and by night. Holy, holy, holy (agio, agio, agio). "The task of the Cherubim together with the Seraphim and Ophannim is to sing the praises of God" (Charles) in the trisagion (triple repetition of agio). Is the Lord God (Kurio o qeo). See Isaiah 6:3 . The copula estin (is) is not expressed, but is implied. The Almighty (o pantokratwr). See on Revelation 1:8 . Which was and which is and which is to come (o hn kai o wn kai o ercomeno). Just as in Rev 1:4 Rev 1:8 , but with the order changed.