Revelation 6:5

A black horse (ippo mela). Lust of conquest brings bloodshed, but also famine and hunger. "The colour of mourning and famine. See Jeremiah 4:28 ; Jeremiah 8:21 ; Malachi 3:14 , where mournfully is, literally, in black" (Vincent). Had (ecwn) as in verse Malachi 2 . A balance (zugon). Literally, a yoke (old word from zeugnumi, to join), of slavery ( Acts 15:10 ; Galatians 5:1 ), of teaching ( Matthew 11:29 ), of weight or measure like a pair of scales evenly balancing as here ( Ezekiel 5:1 ; Ezekiel 45:10 ). The rider of this black horse, like the spectral figure of hunger, carries in his hand a pair of scales. This is also one of the fruits of war.