Romans 15:8

A minister of the circumcision (diakonon peritomh). Objective genitive, "a minister to the circumcision." Diakonon is predicate accusative with gegenhsqai (perfect passive infinitive of ginomai in indirect assertion after legw, I say) and in apposition with Criston, accusative of general reference with the infinitive. See Galatians 4:4 . That he might confirm (ei to bebaiwsai). Purpose clause with ei to and the infinitive bebaiwsai (first aorist active of bebaiow, to make stand). The promises given unto the fathers (ta epaggelia twn paterwn). No "given" in the Greek, just the objective genitive, "the promises to the fathers." See Galatians 9:4 Galatians 9:5 .