Romans 7:3

While the husband liveth (zwnto tou andro). Genitive absolute of present active participle of zaw. She shall be called (crhmatisei). Future active indicative of crhmatizw, old verb, to receive a name as in Acts 11:26 , from crhma, business, from craomai, to use, then to give an oracle, etc. An adulteress (moicali). Late word, in Plutarch, LXX. See on "Mt 12:39". If she be joined (ean genhtai). Third class condition, "if she come to." So that she is no adulteress (tou mh einai authn moicalida). It is a fact that tou and the infinitive is used for result as we saw in Acts 1:24 . Conceived result may explain the idiom here.