Titus 1:12

A prophet of their own (idio autwn prophth). "Their own prophet." Self-styled "prophet" (or poet), and so accepted by the Cretans and by Cicero and Apuleius, that is Epimenides who was born in Crete at Cnossos. It is a hexameter line and Callimachus quoted the first part of it in a Hymn to Zeus. It is said that Epimenides suggested to the Athenians the erection of statues to "unknown gods" ( Acts 17:23 ). Liars (pseustai). See 1 Timothy 1:10 for the word. The Cretans had a bad reputation on this line, partly due to their claim to having the tomb of Zeus. Evil beasts (kaka qhria). "Wicked wild beasts." Lock asks if the Minotaur was partly responsible. Idle gluttons (gastere argai). "Idle bellies." Blunt and forceful. See Philippians 3:19 "whose god is the belly" (h koilia). Both words give the picture of the sensual gormandizer.