Titus 1:9

Holding to (antecomenon). Present middle participle of antecw, old verb, to hold back, in middle to hold oneself face to face with, to cling to, as in 1 Thessalonians 5:14 . The faithful word (tou pistou logou). See 1 Timothy 1:15 ; 1 Timothy 6:3 ; Romans 16:17 . Some would see a reference here to Christ as the Personal Logos. That he may be able (ina dunato h). Final clause with present active subjunctive. Paul several times uses dunato eimi in the sense of dunamai, with infinitive as here ( Romans 4:21 ; Romans 11:23 ; 2 Timothy 1:12 ). The gainsayers (tou antilegonta). Present active participle of antilegw, old word, to answer back, as in Romans 10:21 . "The talkers back."