Esther 9

The Book of Esther
Chapter 9

Chapter Overview:

The Jews slay their enemies, ver. 1 - 11.
A second day is granted them, ver. 12 - 19.
A yearly feast is instituted, in memory of this great deliverance, ver. 20 - 32


9:2No man - Their enemies, though they did take up arms against them, yet were easily conquered and destroyed by them.
9:6Shushan - In the city so called. Slew - Whom they knew to be such as would watch all opportunities to destroy them; which also they might possibly now attempt to do.
9:10But, &c. - Because they would leave it to their children, that it might appear what they did was not done out of malice, or covetousness, but out of mere necessity, and by that great law of self - preservation.
9:12What - In which doubtless many more were slain. So that I have fully granted thy petition. And yet, if thou hast any thing farther to ask, I am ready to grant it.
9:13Let it, &c. - To kill their implacable enemies. For it is not improbable that the greatest and worst of them had hidden themselves for that day; after which, the commission granted to the Jews being expired, they confidently returned to their homes. Hanged - They were slain before; now let their bodies be hanged on their father's gallows, for their greater infamy, and the terror of all others who shall presume to abuse the king in like manner, or to persuade him to execute such cruelties upon his subjects.
9:26Pur - This Persian word signifies a lot, because Haman had by lot determined this time to be the time of the Jews destruction.
9:27As joined - Gentile Proselytes; who were obliged to submit to other of the Jewish laws, and therefore to this also; the rather because they enjoyed the benefit of this day's deliverance; without which the Jewish nation and religion had been in a great measure, if not wholly, extinct. According - According to that writing which was drawn up by Mordecai, and afterwards confirmed by the consent of the Jews.
9:29Wrote - The former letter, ver. 20 , did only recommend but this enjoins the observation of this solemnity: because this was not only Mordecai's act, but the act of all the Jews, binding themselves and posterity.
9:30Peace - With peace, friendship and kindness to his brethren, and truth, sincerity.
9:31Cry - For those great calamities which were decreed to all the Jews, and for the removing of which, not only Esther, and the Jews in Shushan, but all other Jews in all places, did doubtless fly to God by fasting, and strong cries.
9:32Either - Who had received authority from the king.The book - In the records which the Jews kept of their most memorable passages.