Exodus 10

The Book of Exodus
Chapter 10

Chapter Overview:

The eighth and ninth plagues are recorded in this chapter.
  1. Concerning the plague of locusts,
    1. God instructs Moses in the meaning of these amazing dispensations of his providence, ver. 1, 2.
    2. He threatens the locusts, ver. 3 - 6.
    3. Pharaoh, at the persuasion of his servants, is willing to treat again with Moses, ver. 7, 8, 9.
      but they cannot agree, ver. 10, 11,
    4. The locusts come, ver. 12 - 15.
    5. Pharaoh cries for mercy, ver. 16, 17.
      whereupon Moses prays for the removal of the plague, and it is done, but Pharaoh's heart is still hardened, ver. 18 - 20.

  2. Concerning the plague of darkness,
    1. 'Tis inflicted, ver. 21 - 23.
    2. Pharaoh again treats with Moses, but the treaty breaks off, ver. 24 - 29.

10:1These plagues are standing monuments of the greatness of God, the happiness of the church, and the sinfulness of sin; and standing monitors to the children of men in all ages, not to provoke the Lord to jealousy, nor to strive with their Maker. The benefit of these instructions to the world doth sufficiently balance the expence.
10:3Thus saith the Lord God of the Hebrews, How long wilt thou refuse to humble thyself before me? - It is justly expected from the greatest of men, that they humble themselves before the great God, and it is at their peril if they refuse to do it. Those that will not humble themselves, God will humble.
10:10Let the Lord be so with you, as I will let you go, and your little ones - He now curses and threatens them, in case they offered to remove their little ones, telling them it was at their peril. Satan doth all he can to hinder those that serve God themselves, from bringing their children in to serve him. He is a sworn enemy to early piety, knowing how destructive it is to the interests of his kingdom.
10:13The east - wind brought the locusts - From Arabia, where they are in great numbers: And God miraculously increased them.
10:15They covered the face of the earth, and eat up the fruit of it - The earth God has given to the children of men; yet when God pleasethhe can disturb his possession even by locusts or caterpillars. Herb grows for the service of man; yet, when God pleaseth, those contemptible insect's shall not only be fellow - commoners with him, but shall eat the bread out of his mouth.
10:17Pharaoh desires their prayers that this death only might be taken away, not this sin: he deprecates the plague of locusts, not the plague of a hard heart.
10:19An east - wind brought the locusts and now a west - wind carried them off. Whatever point of the compass the wind is in, it is fulfilling God's word, and turns about by his counsel; the wind blows where it listeth for us, but not where it listeth for him; he directeth it under the whole heaven.
10:21We may observe concerning this plague.
  1. That it was a total darkness. We have reason to think, not only thatthe lights of heaven were clouded, but that all their fires and candles were put out by the damps or clammy vapours which were the cause of this darkness, for it is said, they saw not one another.
  2. That it was darkness which might be felt, felt in its causes by theirfinger - ends, so thick were the fogs, felt in its effects, (some think) by their eyes which were pricked with pain, and made the more sore by their rubbing them. Great pain is spoken of as the effect of that darkness, Revelation 16:10 , which alludes to this.
  3. No doubt it was very frightful and amazing. The tradition of theJews is, that in this darkness they were terrified by the apparition of evil spirits, or rather by dreadful sounds and murmurs which they made; and this is the plague which some think is intended (for otherwise it is not mentioned at all there) Psalms 78:49 .He poured upon them the fierceness of his anger, by sending evil angels among them; for those to whom the devil has been a deceiver, he will at length be a terror to.
  4. It continued three days; six nights in one; so long they wereimprisoned by those chains of darkness. No man rose from his place - They were all confined to their houses; and such a terror seized them, thatfew of them had the courage to go from the chair to the bed, or from the bed to the chair. Thus were they silent in darkness, 2:9 .Now Pharaoh had time to consider, if he would have improved it.
10:23But the children of Israel had light in their dwellings - Not only in the land of Goshen, where most of them inhabited, but in the particular dwellings which in other places the Israelites had dispersed among the Egyptians, as it appears they had by the distinction afterwards appointed to be put on their door - posts. And during these three days of darkness to the Egyptians, if God had so pleased, the Israelites by the light which they had, might have made their escape, and have asked Pharaoh no leave; but God would bring them out with a high hand, and not by stealth or in haste.
10:29I will see thy face no more - Namely, after this time, for this conference did not break off till Exodus 11:8 , when Moses went out in great anger and told Pharaoh how soon his proud stomach would come down; which was fulfilled Exodus 12:31 , when Pharaoh became an humble supplicant to Moses to depart.So that after this interview Moses came no more till he was sent for.