Ezekiel 26

The Book of Ezekiel
Chapter 26

Chapter Overview:

The sin of Tyre, ver. 1, 2.
The utter destruction of it, ver. 3 - 14.
The astonishment of the neighbouring nations, ver. 15 - 21.
26:1In the eleventh year - Of Jechoniah's captivity, the year wherein Jerusalem was taken. The month - That month which followed the taking of Jerusalem.
26:2Because - Probably God revealed this to the prophet as soon as these insulting Tyrians spoke it. The gates - The great mart of nations, people from all parts. She is turned - The trading interest will turn to me.
26:4Scrape - I will leave thee nothing; thou shalt be scraped, and swept, that not so much as dust shall remain in thee. Like - As bare as was the rock on which thy city is built.
26:6Her daughters - The lesser cities.In the field - On the firm land.
26:11Garrisons - Bastions, or forts, or triumphal arches.
26:12Shall lay - It had been a quicker way, to have burnt all; but the greedy soldier might dream of treasures hid in walls, or under the timber, and therefore take the pains to pull all down, and throw it into the sea.
26:14No more - Tho' there was a city of that name built, yet it was built on the continent; and in propriety of speech, was another city.
26:15The isles - Isles which are places freest from danger of invasions, will shake with fear, when they learn that Tyre is fallen.
26:16The princes - Who were lords of the islands of that sea.Come down - In token of condolence. Trembling - They shall be afraid of their own concerns, and astonished in the midst of their fears.
26:18In the sea - At a great distance, and farther from land.Departure - Leaving thy ancient dwelling, to go into captivity.
26:19The deep - Nebuchadnezzar's army.Great waters - Great afflictions.
26:20Bring thee down - When I shall slay thee, and throw thee into the grave. With the people - Who are long since dead, and gone to eternity. The low parts - Another description of the grave, from the situation and solitude of it. Set glory - Then I will restore the beauty, strength, and wealth of Israel, and bring them back to Jerusalem.In the land - In the land of Judea, called, land of the living, because a land, where God will bless, and give life by his word, ordinances, and spirit: thus different shall Tyre's captivity and Jerusalem's be.
26:21A terror - To all that hear of thee.