Ezekiel 46

The Book of Ezekiel
Chapter 46

Chapter Overview:

Farther rules for the worship of the priests and the people, ver. 1 - 15.
A rule, for the prince's disposal of his inheritance, ver. 16 - 18.
A description of the places for the boiling and baking the offerings, ver. 19 - 24.
46:3In the sabbaths - Both weekly and other holy days, which are called sabbaths.
46:9Go forth over against it - Perhaps, only to prevent all jostling and confusion.
46:17His inheritance - Whatever lands of the prince are given to servants, shall at the year of Jubilee revert to the sons of the prince.For them - And to theirs after them.
46:20The outer court - Where the people were.
46:21A court - A smaller court made up on the outer sides with the walls of the greater square, and on the inside made with two walls, the one forty cubits long, the other thirty cubits broad.
46:23A row of building - A range of building on the inside of the walls of the lesser courts. Four - Four courts in the four corners.