Jeremiah 34

The Book of Jeremiah
Chapter 34

Chapter Overview:

The captivity of king Zedekiah, and the city, ver. 1 - 7.
The princes and people by solemn covenant, according to the law, dismiss their bond servants, but the Babylonians leaving the siege, they reassume them, ver. 8 - 11.
For this God threatens a return of the enemy, and the destruction of Jerusalem, ver. 12 - 22.


34:5Ah Lord - The Jews in their chronology, give us the form of the lamentation thus. Alas! Zedekiah is dead, who drank the dregs of all ages: that is, who was punished for the sins of all former ages.
34:17Behold - You shall perish by the sword, famine and pestilence, and those of you who escape them, shall be slaves, in many nations.
34:18Cut the calf - It seems these Jews in their making of the solemn covenant with God about releasing their servants used this rite; they caused a calf, or heifer to be cut in pieces, and the parts to be laid in the temple, right over - against one another; then they recited this covenant, and passed between the parts of the heifer so cut; silently agreeing that God should cut them in pieces like that beast if they did not make their words good.
34:22Behold - I will put into their hearts to return.