Psalms 12

The Book of Psalms
Chapter 12

Chapter Overview:

David begs help of God, having no man whom he could trust, ver. 1, 2.
Describes the wicked and assures himself, that God would punish them, and preserve the just, ver. 3 - 8.
To the chief musician upon Sheminith, A psalm of David.
Title of the psalm. Sheminith - The same title is prefixed to 6:1 .
12:4Prevail - By raising and spreading evil reports concerning him.Our own - At our own disposal to speak what we please, who can control or restrain us?
12:5Puffeth - From him that despises him, and hopes to destroy him with a puff of breath.
12:6Pure - Without the least mixture of falsehood; and therefore shall infallibly be fulfilled.
12:7Thou shalt keep them - Thy words or promises: these thou wilt observe and keep, both now, and from this generation for ever.
12:8Walk - They fill all places, and go about boldly and securely.