Psalms 20

The Book of Psalms
Chapter 20

Chapter Overview:

A prayer for the king, ver. 1 - 4.
The king and the people rejoice in God, and pray for his help, ver. 5 - 9.
To the chief musician, A psalm of David.
20:1God of Jacob - God had made a covenant with Jacob and his posterity.
20:2Sanctuary - From the tabernacle in Zion, where the ark then was; toward which the Israelites directed their prayers.
20:5Rejoice - Hereby they shew their confidence in God, and their assurance of the victory. Name - To the honour of God. Set up - In way of triumph.
20:6Now - We are already sure of victory by the consideration of God's power and faithfulness and love to David, and to his people. They speak as one person, because they were unanimous in this prayer. Saveth - Will certainly save. Strength - This shews how God will hear him, even by saving him with a strong hand.
20:7Remember - Trust in it.
20:8Brought down - From their horses and chariots, to which they trusted. Stand - Stand firmly, and keep the field.
20:9Let the king - God, the supreme monarch, the king of kings, and in a peculiar manner the king of Israel.