Psalms 35

The Book of Psalms
Chapter 35

Chapter Overview:

David prays for deliverance from his enemies, and prophecies their destruction, ver. 1 - 10,
Describes their wickedness, ver. 11 - 21.
Foretells their confusion, the joy of the righteous, and his own thanksgiving, ver. 22 - 28.
A psalm of David.
35:3Say - By thy spirit assuring me of it: and by thy providence effecting it.
35:6Their way - By which they flee, being chased.
35:7For - Out of mere malice.
35:10My bones - My whole body, as well as my soul.
35:13Returned - Although my fastings and prayers did them no good.
35:15Gathered - They were so full of joy, that they could not contain it in their own breasts, but sought to communicate it to others.Abjects - Or, vile persons, either for the meanness of their condition, or for their wickedness. Knew not - While I had no suspicion of them.Tear me - My good name with calumnies, and reproaches and curses.
35:16Mockers - They made themselves buffoons and jesters, and accustomed themselves to mock and deride David, that thereby they might gain admittance to the tables of great men, which was all they sought for.
35:17Look on - Without affording me pity or help.Darling - My soul, Heb. my only one; which is now left alone and forsaken by my friends, and hath none to trust in but God.
35:18I will - When I shall be restored to the liberty of the publick assemblies.
35:20For - They breathe out nothing but threatenings and war; they use not open violence but subtile artifices, against me and my followers, who desire nothing more than to live quietly and peaceably.
35:21Wide - To pour forth whole floods of scoffs and slanders.ha - An expression of joy and triumph. Our eye - What we have long desired and hoped for.
35:22This - Thou also hast seen, all their plots and threats, and all my distresses and calamities. Keep not - Be not deaf, to my prayers.The same word signifies, both to be silent, and to be deaf.
35:23Awake - To plead my cause against mine adversaries.