Mark 15:39

Overview - Mark 15
Jesus brought bound, and accused before Pilate.
Upon the clamour of the common people, the murderer Barabbas is loosed, and Jesus delivered up to be crucified.
16 He is crowned with thorns, spit on, and mocked;
21 faints in bearing his cross;
27 hangs between two thieves;
29 suffers the triumphing reproaches of the Jews;
39 but is confessed by the centurion to be the Son of God;
42 and is honourably buried by Joseph.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Mark 15:39  (King James Version)
And when the centurion, which stood over against him, saw that he so cried out, and gave up the ghost, he said, Truly this man was the Son of God.

the centurion
The centurion was a military captain, and commander of a century, or 100 ; men. In order to have a proper notion of his office, it may be desirable to explain the construction and array of the Roman legion. Each legion was divided into ten cohorts, each cohort into three maniples, and each maniple into two centuries; so that there were thirty maniples, and sixty centuries in a legion, which, if the century had always, as the word imports, consisted of 100 ; soldiers, would have formed a combined phalanx of Mark 15:6 Mark 15:000 ; men. The number in a legion, however, varied at different periods; in the time of Polybius it was 4,200. The order of battle was that of three lines; the hastati, or spearmen, occupied the front; the principes, the second line; the {triarii,} (also called {pilani,} from their weapon, the {pilam,}) the third. The
centurions were appointed by the tribunes, and generally selected from the common soldiers according to their merit; although the office was sometimes obtained for money, or through the favour of the consuls. Their badge was a vine rod, or sapling. 44 ; Matthew 8:5-10 ; Acts 10:1 ; Acts 27:1-3 Acts 27:43

he said
Matthew 27:43 Matthew 27:54 ; Luke 23:47 Luke 23:48