Numbers 10:2

Overview - Numbers 10
The use of the silver trumpets.
11 The Israelites remove from Sinai to Paran.
14 The order of their march.
29 Hobab is entreated by Moses not to leave them.
33 The blessing of Moses at the removing and resting of the ark.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Numbers 10:2  (King James Version)
Make thee two trumpets of silver; of a whole piece shalt thou make them: that thou mayest use them for the calling of the assembly, and for the journeying of the camps.

two trumpets
The necessity of such instruments will at once appear, when the amazing extent of this army is considered. There were various kinds of trumpets among the ancients, of different forms and materials, as Eustathius shews on Homer, where he mentions six; the second of which was [stroggule,] turned up round, like a ram's horn; which he says the Egyptians used (from being invented by Osiris) when they assembled the
people to their sacrifices. But in opposition to that form, Moses commands these to be made long, in the shape of those used at present. So Josephus informs us, who says they were near a cubit long; the tube of the thickness of a common pipe or flute; the mouth no wider than just to admit blowing into them; and their ends wide like those of a modern trumpet. 2 Kings 12:13 ; 2 Chronicles 5:12

of a whole piece
Exodus 25:18 Exodus 25:31 ; Ephesians 4:5

the calling
7 ; Psalms 81:3 ; 89:15 Isaiah 1:13 ; Hosea 8:1 ; Joel 1:14