Numbers 7:73

Overview - Numbers 7
The offering of the princes at the dedication of the tabernacle.
10 Their several offerings at the dedication of the altar.
89 God speaks to Moses from the mercy seat.
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Numbers 7:73  (King James Version)
His offering was one silver charger, the weight whereof was an hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary; both of them full of fine flour mingled with oil for a meat offering:

The oblations and sacrifices enumerated in verses 13 to 88 were simple and plain, though costly and magnificent. On this occasion we find there were offered 12 silver chargers, each weighing 130 shekels; 12 silver bowls, each 70 shekels; 12 golden spoons, each 10 shekels; making the total amount of
silver vessels Numbers 7:2 Numbers 7:400 ; shekels, and that of golden vessels, 120 ; shekels. A silver charger, at 130 ; shekels, reduced to troy weight, makes 75 ; oz 9 ; dwts. 16 ; 8/31 gr.; and a silver bowl, at 70 ; shekels, amounts to 40 ; oz
12 dwts. 21 21/31 gr. The total weight of the 12 chargers is therefore 905 oz
16 dwts. 3 3/31 gr
; and that of the 12 bowls, 487 oz. 14 dwts. 20
4/31 gr; making the total weight of silver vessels Numbers 7:1 Numbers 7:393 ; oz.
10 dwts 23 7/31 gr. The golden spoons, allowing each to be
5 oz 16 dwts. 3 3/31 gr., amount to 69 oz. 3 dwts. 13 5/31
gr. Besides these, there were for sacrifice-- By this we may at once see, that though the place in which they now sojourned was a wilderness as to cities, villages, and regular inhabitants, yet there was plenty of pasturage; else the Israelites could not have furnished these cattle, with all the sacrifices necessary for different occasions, and especially for the passover, which must of itself have required an immense number of lambs, when each family of Numbers 7:600 Numbers 7:000 ; males was obliged to provide one
(ch. 9.)