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Leviticus 17:1-5

Forbidden Sacrifices

1 The Lord spoke to Moses:
2 "Speak to Aaron, his sons, and all the Israelites and tell them: This is what the Lord has commanded:
3 Anyone from the house of Israel who slaughters an ox, sheep, or goat in the camp, or slaughters [it] outside the camp,
4 instead of bringing it to the entrance to the tent of meeting to present [it] as an offering to the Lord before His tabernacle-that person will be charged with murder.a He has shed blood and must be cut off from his people.
5 This is so the Israelites will bring to the Lord the sacrifices they have been offering in the open country. They are to bring them to the priest at the entrance to the tent of meeting and offer them as fellowship sacrifices to the Lord.b
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