Breastplate [N] [T] [S]

  • That piece of ancient armour that protected the breast. This word is used figuratively in Ephesians 6:14 and Isaiah 59:17 . (See ARMOUR .)

  • An ornament covering the breast of the high priest, first mentioned in Exodus 25:7 . It was made of embroidered cloth, set with four rows of precious stones, three in each row. On each stone was engraved the name of one of the twelve tribes ( Exodus 28:15-29 ; 39:8-21 ). It was in size about ten inches square. The two upper corners were fastened to the ephod by blue ribbons. It was not to be "loosed from the ephod" ( Exodus 28:28 ). The lower corners were fastened to the girdle of the priest. As it reminded the priest of his representative character, it was called the memorial ( 28:29 ). It was also called the breastplate of judgment ( 28:15 ). (See PRIEST .)

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