Isaiah 27

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The Redemption of Israel

1 In that day the LORD with his hard and great and strong 1sword will punish 2Leviathan the fleeing serpent, 3Leviathan the twisting serpent, and he will slay 4the dragon that is in the sea.
2 In that day, 5"A pleasant vineyard,[a]6sing of it!
3 I, the LORD, am its keeper; every moment I water it. Lest anyone punish it, I keep it night and day;
4 I have no wrath. 7Would that I had thorns and briers to battle! I would march against them, I would burn them up together.
5 Or let them lay hold of my protection, let them make peace with me, let them make peace with me."
6 8In days to come[b] Jacob shall take root, Israel shall blossom and put forth shoots and fill the whole world with fruit.
7 9Has he struck them 10as he struck those who struck them? Or have they been slain 11as their slayers were slain?
8 12Measure by measure,[c] by exile you contended with them; 13he removed them with his fierce breath[d] in the day of the east wind.
9 Therefore by this 14the guilt of Jacob will be atoned for, and this will be the full fruit of the removal of his sin:[e] 15when he makes all the stones of the altars like chalkstones crushed to pieces, no 16Asherim or incense altars will remain standing.
10 17For the fortified city is solitary, a habitation deserted and forsaken, like the wilderness; there the calf grazes; there it lies down and strips its branches.
11 When its boughs are dry, they are broken; women come and make a fire of them. 18For this is a people without discernment; therefore he who made them will not have compassion on them; he who formed them will show them no favor.
12 In that day 19from the river Euphrates to the Brook of Egypt the LORD will thresh out the grain, and you will be gleaned one by one, O people of Israel.
13 And in that day 20a great trumpet will be blown, 21and those who were lost in the land of Assyria and those who were driven out to the land of Egypt 22will come and worship the LORD on the holy mountain at Jerusalem.

Isaiah 27 Commentary

Chapter 27

God's care over his people. (1-5) A promise of their recall to Divine favour. (6-13)

Verses 1-5 The Lord Jesus with his strong sword, the virtue of his death, and the preaching of his gospel, does and will destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil, that old serpent. The world is a fruitless, worthless wilderness; but the church is a vineyard, a place that has great care taken of it, and from which precious fruits are gathered. God will keep it in the night of affliction and persecution, and in the day of peace and prosperity, the temptations of which are not less dangerous. God also takes care of the fruitfulness of this vineyard. We need the continual waterings of Divine grace; if these be at any time withdrawn, we wither, and come to nothing. Though God sometimes contends with his people, yet he graciously waits to be reconciled unto them. It is true, when he finds briers and thorns instead of vines, and they are set in array against him, he will tread them down and burn them. Here is a summary of the doctrine of the gospel, with which the church is to be watered every moment. Ever since sin first entered, there has been, on God's part, a righteous quarrel, but, on man's part, most unrighteous. Here is a gracious invitation given. Pardoning mercy is called the power of our Lord; let us take hold on that. Christ crucified is the power of God. Let us by lively faith take hold on his strength who is a strength to the needy, believing there is no other name by which we can be saved, as a man that is sinking catches hold of a bough, or cord, or plank, that is in his reach. This is the only way, and it is a sure way, to be saved. God is willing to be reconciled to us.

Verses 6-13 In the days of the gospel, the latter days, the gospel church shall be more firmly fixed than the Jewish church, and shall spread further. May our souls be continually watered and kept, that we may abound in the fruits of the Spirit, in all goodness, righteousness, and truth. The Jews yet are kept a separate and a numerous people; they have not been rooted out as those who slew them. The condition of that nation, through so many ages, forms a certain proof of the Divine origin of the Scriptures; and the Jews live amongst us, a continued warning against sin. But though winds are ever so rough, ever so high, God can say to them, Peace, be still. And though God will afflict his people, yet he will make their afflictions to work for the good of their souls. According to this promise, since the captivity in Babylon, no people have shown such hatred to idols and idolatry as the Jews. And to all God's people, the design of affliction is to part between them and sin. The affliction has done us good, when we keep at a distance from the occasions of sin, and use care that we may not be tempted to it. Jerusalem had been defended by grace and the Divine protection; but when God withdrew, she was left like a wilderness. This has awfully come to pass. And this is a figure of the deplorable state of the vineyard, the church, when it brought forth wild grapes. Sinners flatter themselves they shall not be dealt with severely, because God is merciful, and is their Maker. We see ( isaiah 27:12-13 ) the restoration of the Jews after the Babylonish captivity, and their recovery from their present dispersion. This is further applicable to the preaching of the gospel, by which sinners are gathered into the grace of God; the gospel proclaims the acceptable year of the Lord. Those gathered by the sounding of the gospel trumpet, are brought in to worship God, and added to the church; and the last trumpet will gather the saints together.

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Footnotes 5

  • [a]. Many Hebrew manuscripts A vineyard of wine
  • [b]. Hebrew In those to come
  • [c]. Or By driving her away; the meaning of the Hebrew word is uncertain
  • [d]. Or wind
  • [e]. Septuagint and this is the blessing when I take away his sin

Chapter Summary


This chapter refers to the same times as the two foregoing ones Isa 25:1-26:21; and is a continuation of the same song, or rather a new one on the same occasion; it is prophetical of the last times, and of what shall be done in them, as the destruction of the antichristian powers, and Satan at the head of them, Isa 27:1 the happy state of the church, and its fruitfulness under the care and protection of the Lord, and his affection for it, Isa 27:2-4 its peace, prosperity, and flourishing condition, Isa 27:5,6 the nature, use, and end of all its afflictions and chastisements, Isa 27:7-9 the ruin and destruction of the city of Rome, and its inhabitants, and of its whole jurisdiction, Isa 27:10,11 a great gathering and conversion of the Lord's people, both Jews and Gentiles, by the ministry of the Gospel, Isa 27:12,13.

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