Genesis 24:58

58 So they called Rebecca and asked, "Do you want to go with this man?" "Yes," she answered.

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Genesis 24:58 Meaning and Commentary

Genesis 24:58

And they called Rebekah
Or ordered her to be called by one of the servants: and said unto her, wilt thou go with this man?
that is, directly; the question was not about her marriage of Isaac, that was agreed upon, and she had doubtless given her consent, and which she tacitly did by accepting of the presents, but about taking the journey immediately: and she said, I will go;
the note of Jarchi is,

``of myself, and even if you are not willing,''
which seems to make her answer rude, as well as resolute; but it must be interpreted consistent with her decent and modest behaviour, and as expressive of her agreeing to go with the man directly, having no manner of objection on her mind to it; but on the contrary found a strong inclination to it, and was determined on it; and perhaps was under a divine impulse, which strongly wrought upon her, and caused her to be so willing to leave her own people, and her father's house.

Genesis 24:58 In-Context

56 But he said, "Don't make us stay. The Lord has made my journey a success; let me go back to my master."
57 They answered, "Let's call her and find out what she has to say."
58 So they called Rebecca and asked, "Do you want to go with this man?" "Yes," she answered.
59 So they let Rebecca and her old family servant go with Abraham's servant and his men.
60 And they gave Rebecca their blessing in these words: "May you, sister, become the mother of millions! May your descendants conquer the cities of their enemies!"
Scripture taken from the Good News Translation - Second Edition, Copyright 1992 by American Bible Society. Used by Permission.