1 Chronicles 4:32-42

32 Their five cities were Etam, Ain, Rimmon, Tochen, and Ashan.
33 They also had all the villages around these cities as far as the city of Baal. These places were where they lived, and they had their own genealogical records:
34 Meshobab, Jamlech, Joshah (son of Amaziah),
35 Joel, Jehu (son of Joshibiah, grandson of Seraiah, and great-grandson of Asiel),
36 Elioenai, Jaakobah, Jeshohaiah, Asaiah, Adiel, Jesimiel, Benaiah, and
37 Ziza (son of Shiphi, grandson of Allon, great-grandson of Jedaiah, a descendant of Shimri and Shemaiah).
38 These who are mentioned by name were leaders in their families, and the number of people in their households increased.
39 They moved to the outskirts of Gedor, on the east side of the valley, to find pasture for their flocks.
40 They found pasture that was rich and good. The land was vast, peaceful, and quiet because the Hamites used to live there.
41 In the days of King Hezekiah of Judah, the men listed here knocked down tents and killed the Meunites. They claimed the Meunites for God and destroyed them. (Even today no Meunites live there.) They lived in that land in place of the Meunites in order to have pasture for their flocks.
42 Ishi's sons Pelatiah, Neariah, Rephaiah, and Uzziel led 500 of Simeon's male descendants to Mount Seir.