2 Corinthians 1:19-24

19 God's Son, Jesus Christ, whom I, Silvanus, and Timothy told you about, was true not false. Because of him our message was always true.
20 Certainly, Christ made God's many promises come true. For that reason, because of our message, people also honor God by saying, "Amen!"
21 God establishes us, together with you, in a relationship with Christ. He has also anointed us.
22 In addition, he has put his seal [of ownership] on us and has given us the Spirit as his guarantee.
23 I appeal to God as a witness on my behalf, that I stayed away from Corinth because I wanted to spare you.
24 It isn't that we want to have control over your Christian faith. Rather, we want to work with you so that you will be happy. Certainly, you are firmly established in the Christian faith.