Exodus 36:16-26

16 Five of the sheets were sewn together into one set, and the remaining six into another set.
17 Then they made 50 loops along the edge of the end sheet in each set.
18 They also made 50 bronze fasteners to link the inner tent together as a single unit.
19 They made a cover out of rams' skins that had been dyed red for the outer tent, and over that they put a cover made of fine leather.
20 They made a framework out of acacia wood for the inner tent.
21 Each frame was 15 feet long and 27 inches wide,
22 with two identical pegs. They made all the frames for the inner tent this same way.
23 They made 20 frames for the south side of the inner tent.
24 Then they made 40 silver sockets at the bottom of the 20 frames, two sockets at the bottom of each frame for the two pegs.
25 For the north side of the inner tent [they made] 20 frames
26 and 40 silver sockets, two at the bottom of each frame.