Ezekiel 40:4-14

4 He said to me, "Son of man, look with your eyes, and listen with your ears. Pay close attention to everything I'm going to show you. You were brought here to be shown these things. Tell the nation of Israel everything that you see."
5 I saw a wall that surrounded the temple. The man had a measuring stick that was 10½ feet long. He measured the wall. It was 10½ feet thick and 10½ feet high.
6 Then the man went to the gateway that faced east. He went up its steps and measured the entrance to the gateway. It was 10½ feet wide.
7 There were also guardrooms. Each guardroom was 10½ feet long and 10½ feet wide. The space between the guardrooms was 9 feet thick. And the entrance to the gateway by the entrance hall of the temple was 10½ feet wide.
8 He also measured the entrance hall of the gateway.
9 It extended 14 feet from the temple. Its recessed walls were 3½ feet thick. The gateway's entrance hall faced the temple.
10 Now, there were three guardrooms on each side of the eastern gateway. All three rooms on each side were the same size, and the recessed walls on each side were the same size.
11 Then the man measured the width of the entrance to the gateway. It was 17½ feet wide, and the gateway was 23 feet long.
12 There was a barrier about 21 inches in front of each guardroom. The guardrooms were 10½ feet square.
13 He measured the gateway from the top of one guardroom to the top of the opposite guardroom. It was 44 feet wide from one door to the opposite door.
14 He also measured the entrance hall. It was 35 feet wide. In front of the entrance hall to the gateway was a courtyard on all sides.