Ezekiel 45:3-13

3 Measure off an area 43,750 feet long and 17,500 feet wide. The holy place, that is, the most holy place, will be in this area.
4 This holy part of the land will belong to the priests who serve in the holy place, the priests who come near to serve the LORD. They will use this place for their homes, and it will be the location for the holy place.
5 An area 43,750 feet long and 17,500 feet wide will belong to the Levites who serve in the temple. It will be given to them so that they have cities to live in.
6 "'You must designate an area 8,750 feet wide and 43,750 feet long as the city's property. It will be located alongside the holy area. It will belong to all the people of Israel.
7 "'The prince will have all the land on both sides of the holy area and on both sides of the property belonging to the city. From the western boundary of the holy area, his land will extend to the Mediterranean Sea. From the eastern boundary of the holy area, his land will extend to the eastern border [of the country]. His territory will be as large as the territory of one of the tribes.
8 This land will belong to the prince in Israel. Then my princes will no longer oppress my people. They will give land to each tribe of the nation of Israel.
9 "'This is what the Almighty LORD says: I've had enough of you, you princes of Israel. Stop your violence and looting, and do what is fair and right. Stop evicting my people, declares the Almighty LORD.
10 You must have honest scales and honest dry and liquid measures.
11 The dry and liquid measures must always be the same: The ephah and the bath should hold the same as one-tenth of a homer. The homer must be the standard measure.
12 One shekel must weigh 20 gerahs. One mina must weigh 60 shekels.
13 "'This is the contribution you must give to the LORD: seventeen percent of your wheat and seventeen percent of your barley.