Hebrews 12:5-15

5 You have forgotten the encouraging words that God speaks to you as his children: "My child, pay attention when the Lord disciplines you. Don't give up when he corrects you.
6 The Lord disciplines everyone he loves. He severely disciplines everyone he accepts as his child."
7 Endure your discipline. God corrects you as a father corrects his children. All children are disciplined by their fathers.
8 If you aren't disciplined like the other children, you aren't part of the family.
9 On earth we have fathers who disciplined us, and we respect them. Shouldn't we place ourselves under the authority of God, the father of spirits, so that we will live?
10 For a short time our fathers disciplined us as they thought best. Yet, God disciplines us for our own good so that we can become holy like him.
11 We don't enjoy being disciplined. It always seems to cause more pain than joy. But later on, those who learn from that discipline have peace that comes from doing what is right.
12 Strengthen your tired arms and weak knees.
13 Keep walking along straight paths so that your injured leg won't get worse. Instead, let it heal.
14 Try to live peacefully with everyone, and try to live holy lives, because if you don't, you will not see the Lord.
15 Make sure that everyone has kindness from God so that bitterness doesn't take root and grow up to cause trouble that corrupts many of you.
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