Hebrews 3:1-11

1 Brothers and sisters, you are holy partners in a heavenly calling. So look carefully at Jesus, the apostle and chief priest about whom we make our declaration of faith.
2 Jesus is faithful to God, who appointed him, in the same way that Moses was faithful when he served in God's house.
3 Jesus deserves more praise than Moses in the same way that the builder of a house is praised more than the house.
4 After all, every house has a builder, but the builder of everything is God.
5 Moses was a faithful servant in God's household. He told [the people] what God would say in the future.
6 But Christ is a faithful son in charge of God's household. We are his household if we continue to have courage and to be proud of the confidence we have.
7 As the Holy Spirit says, "If you hear God speak today, don't be stubborn.
8 Don't be stubborn like those who rebelled and tested me in the desert.
9 That is where your ancestors tested me,
10 although they had seen what I had done for 40 years. That is why I was angry with those people. So I said, 'Their hearts continue to stray, and they have not learned my ways.'
11 So I angrily took a solemn oath that they would never enter my place of rest."