Hosea 8:1-7

1 "Sound the alarm on the ram's horn. The enemy swoops down on the LORD's temple like an eagle. The people of Israel have rejected my promise and rebelled against my teachings.
2 They cry out to me, 'We acknowledge you as our God.'
3 However, they have rejected what is good. The enemy will persecute them.
4 "They chose their own kings, kings I didn't approve. They chose their own princes, princes I didn't know. They chose to make idols with their own silver and gold. Because of this, they will be destroyed.
5 Get rid of your calf-shaped idol, Samaria. My anger burns against these people. How long will they remain unclean?
6 Samaria's calf-shaped idol was made in Israel. Skilled workers made it. It is not a god. It will be smashed to pieces.
7 "The people of Israel plant the wind, but they harvest a storm. A field of grain that doesn't ripen will never produce any grain. Even if it did produce grain, foreigners would eat it all.