Jeremiah 23:27-37

27 They tell each other the dreams they had, because they want to make my people forget my name, as their ancestors forgot my name because of Baal.
28 The prophet who has a dream should tell his dream. However, the person who has my word should honestly speak my word. What does grain have to do with straw?" asks the LORD.
29 "Isn't my word like fire or like a hammer that shatters a rock?" asks the LORD.
30 "I'm against the prophets who steal my words from each other," declares the LORD.
31 "I'm against the prophets who speak their own thoughts and say that they speak for me.
32 I'm against those who prophesy dreams they made up," declares the LORD. "They tell the dreams they made up and lead my people astray with their lies and their wild talk. I didn't send them or command them to go. They don't help these people at all," declares the LORD.
33 "When these people, the prophets, or the priests ask you, 'What revelation has the LORD burdened you with now?' say to them, 'You are the burden! I will abandon you, declares the LORD.'
34 Suppose the prophets, the priests, or these people say, 'This is the LORD's revelation!' I will punish them and their families.
35 They should ask their neighbors and their relatives, 'What is the LORD's answer?' and 'What did the LORD say?'
36 They should never again say, 'This is the LORD's revelation,' because each person's word becomes the revelation. They will twist the words of the living God, the LORD of Armies, our God
37 "Jeremiah, say this to the prophets, 'What was the LORD's answer to you?' and 'What did the LORD say?'