Job 14:12-22

12 so each person lies down and does not rise until the heavens cease to exist. He does not wake up. He is not awakened from his sleep.
13 I wish you would hide me in Sheol and keep me hidden there until your anger cools. Set a specific time for me when you will remember me.
14 "If a person dies, will he go on living? I will wait for my relief to come as long as my hard labor continues.
15 You will call, and I will answer you. You will long for the person your hands have made.
16 Though now you count my steps, you will not keep [a record of] my sins.
17 My disobedience will be closed up in a bag, and you will cover over my sins.
18 As surely as a mountain falls and rocks are dislodged,
19 [so] water wears away stone, floods wash away soil from the land, and you destroy a mortal's hope.
20 You overpower him forever, and he passes away. You change his appearance and send him away.
21 His sons are honored, and he doesn't know it. Or they become unimportant, and he doesn't realize it.
22 He feels only his body's pain. He is only worried about himself."