Leviticus 24:1-9

1 The LORD spoke to Moses,
2 "Command the Israelites to bring you pure, virgin olive oil for the lamp stand so that the lamps won't go out.
3 In the tent of meeting, outside the canopy where the words of my promise are, Aaron must keep the lamps lit in the LORD's presence from evening until morning. It is a permanent law for generations to come.
4 Aaron must keep the lamps on the pure gold lamp stand lit in the LORD's presence.
5 "Also take flour and bake twelve rings of bread. Each ring will contain four quarts of flour.
6 Put them in two stacks of six each on the gold table in the LORD's presence.
7 Lay pure incense on top of each stack. The incense on the bread will be a reminder, an offering by fire to the LORD.
8 Every day of worship [a priest] must arrange the bread in the LORD's presence. It is a continual reminder of my promise to the Israelites.
9 The bread will belong to Aaron and his sons. They will eat it in a holy place. It is very holy, set apart from the LORD's offering by fire. This is a permanent law."