Psalm 55:13-23

13 But it is you, my equal, my best friend, one I knew so well!
14 We used to talk to each other in complete confidence and walk into God's house with the festival crowds.
15 Let death suddenly take [wicked people]! Let them go into the grave while they are still alive, because evil lives in their homes as well as in their hearts.
16 But I call on God, and the LORD saves me.
17 Morning, noon, and night I complain and groan, and he listens to my voice.
18 With [his] peace, he will rescue my soul from the war waged against me, because there are many [soldiers fighting] against me.
19 od will listen. The one who has sat enthroned from the beginning will deal with them. Selah They never change. They never fear God.
20 [My best friend] has betrayed his friends. He has broken his solemn promise.
21 His speech is smoother than butter, but there is war in his heart. His words are more soothing than oil, but they are like swords ready to attack.
22 Turn your burdens over to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will never let the righteous person stumble.
23 But you, O God, will throw [wicked people] into the deepest pit. Bloodthirsty and deceitful people will not live out half their days. But I will trust you.
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