Interlinear Bible 2 Chronicles 33:19

19 His prayer also and how God was entreated by him, and all his sin, his unfaithfulness, and the sites on which he built high places and erected the Asherim and the carved images, before he humbled himself, behold, they are written in the records of the Hozai.
w{l.[;m.W w{ta'J;x -l'k.w w{l -r,t'[eh.w w{t'Lip.t.W ? dyim/[,h.w tw{m'B ~,h'b h'n'B r,v]a tw{m{q.M;h.w ? ~yib.Wt.K ~'Nih w{[.n'Kih yen.pil ~yilis.P;h.w ~yirev]a'h ? y'zw{x#st02335 yer.biD l;[
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